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Are you a mail server admin having a problem sending email to AOL?

What error message are you receiving? Is it an AOL IP reputation block?

Here is a list of things to check while troubleshooting the problem :

  • Does your mail server have a dedicated IP address?
  • Does your mail server have matching forward and reverse DNS?
  • Are you sending more email to AOL than normal?
  • Did you recently relay send a newsletter / bulk email to AOL?
  • Was your server abused and used to send spam by one of your users?
  • Have you send email to a large number of invalid AOL email addresses?
  • Do you use different IP addresses for sending high and low quality email?
  • Do you sign your email with Domain Keys?

If you only relay high quality email you can try applying for the AOL Whitelist

You can check your current IP Reputation with AOL here - AOL Postmaster | Postmaster