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I tried valiantly to ask this question of AOL directly. I am not an AOL user and I could not contact them to ask about this. I'm hoping someone here can help.

I have a client who uses AOL as his email provider. He has not received any of 4 PayPal requests from me. I sent request number 4 to both him and his wife (she uses a different email provider) She received it but he did not. (Yes, he checked his spam) I am concerned this will be a future problem with any clients who happen to use AOL. Does anyone know of a problem sending PayPal requests to AOL customers? This has been very frustrating for both me and my client. If AOL doesn't allow PayPal requests through their system, I need to know before this occurs again. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer on this issue.


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I am not aware of any problems with PayPal emails getting through to AOL accounts?

Are you requesting payment for a service already provided?

I hate to be the pessimist but could they be avoiding having to make the payment?

You could ask that they register or provide a secondary email address (work email, Gmail, etc)

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