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I have AOL 9.5 - also Firefox - and have given up on getting rid of those annoying ads at the bottom of e-mail lists. This problem: when I'm managing e-mail, toggling back/forth between screens (i.e., new mail, mail sent, word, deleted, etc.), suddenly the AOL welcome screen fills the whole monitor. The only way I can move among screens is to click "welcome" and move them around with the mouse. "Cascading" or "tiling" doesn't help. What can I do?




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Re: AOL takes over entire screen


Do these steps stop the ads for you?

  1. In the AOL menu bar, click on "Keyword".
  2. Type "preferences" and hit return.
  3. Click on "Marketing".
  4. There are 5-6 items to choose from. Select the one for members-only pop-up ads.
  5. Click "Continue".
  6. Select "No, I do not want to receive special AOL members-only pop-up offers" by clicking in the little circle next to it.
  7. Do the same for all the other options in the "Marketing" window. There's no reason for you to receive SPAM from AOL or other companies by phone, US mail or email.
  8. Close all these windows.