Yahoo mail eating my drafts and replacing them with completely differnet email drafts


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Hi there,

Yahoo mail repeatedly, and seemingly randomly, alters my drafts, causing loss of important email drafts. I will be working on a draft, switch to a different window, come back to my mail and sometimes my draft will be replaced by a totally different email or draft, or it will revert back to an old version of a draft, losing all my work. This is very strange email program behavior that is completely inexplicable and causing loss in productivity and driving me nuts. :( :hammer:
Please don't ask me to write my drafts in a text program first, I want to solve this problem

I am using Mac OS X on a new computer using Google Chrome. The problem was also happening on Windows XP on Google Chrome. Maybe it is a browse issue, I have no idea. I am not able to reproduce the problem. I have no idea what's going on.