Yahoo mail dooes not always push to i-phone


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I have set up my yahoo mail to push to my i-phone. The phone did this last week. But now it only does it manually. Push is turned on in the settings menu.Anyone one else has the same problem or solution.

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Do either of these suggestions help to fix the problem?

  • Log into your Yahoo email account from a regular computer and go to "Settings," then "Mobile", then go back to the main page. You do not need to make any changes, just go to the page and back to your inbox.

  • On you iPhone go to the Settings application, tap Mail, then tap your Yahoo account, and then tap Delete Account. Then go back to the Mail pane of Settings and re-establish your Yahoo! account. You may need to reset your iPhone again after doing this.
Here are some additional troubleshooting steps from the Yahoo Help site:

Yahoo! Mail is not working on my iPhone. How can I troubleshoot?

Please let us know with of these solutions helped to fix the problem. :thanks: -Raymond


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The first solution did not work. But deleting account and re-establishing Yahoo account did work.I did have to go to outgoing mail server and turn it on. Thanks