Yahoo mail deletes mail downloaded from other email server


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Hello and thank you in advance for any help.
I have set up Yahoo mail to download my email from a server other than yahoo. I have done so by adding a mail account in my "mail options" tab, and I have set it to retrieve the email I receive on my other mail server (not a yahoo server) using POP.
Despite the fact that I have put a check mark in the box stating "Leave mail on POP server" I find out that Yahoo is indeed deleting the email from the other server. I tried in vain to get help from Yahoo, and I hope someone here will be able to help.
Best regards to all.


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Hello Theresa, and thank you for your help.
I have set my Yahoo mail to download mail from my webmail server at my domain name. Yahoo has a setting that should allow the mail downloaded from my server onto the Yahoo mail server to not be deleted from the original server. Unfortunately this setting seems not to be working, so my mail gets downloaded to Yahoo mail, and deleted from my webmail server. All threads I have looked at are about mail being deleted from the Yahoo server, when using a POP program, but this is different. I am using the Yahoo mail browser version, and I am using it to check mail also from the (squirrel web server). You may ask why don't I simply use the webmail program to check my mail, and the answer it is that squirrel mail is a very crude program, with no sophistication like proper formatting, etc.
If you have any idea of how to prevent Yahoo mail from deleting the mail from my other server after downloading it I would appreciate it, but I am afraid at this point that it is just a bug in the Yahoo mail programming.

Best regards, and thank you for your help.


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