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I have also been unable to access my Yahoo! email account since Friday. In the past, if I've been denied access after trying to access the account through a bookmark, I have been able to get on after bringing the web address through a search engine. When I try to do that now, I get the following message:

Safari can’t open the page “” because it can’t find the server “”.

(Explorer and Firefox give me something similar)

What is strange is that if I log onto Yahoo! rather than Yahoo! Mail, I am able to get on - but I still can't access my email. I can see that I have 37 new emails, and I can even see who the last three or four are from, but when I click on the envelope to get to the emails themselves, I'm denied, with the same message.

I thought that the problem must be with my computer, but after reading the message from Tominey and others, I suspect that the problem is with Yahoo! I'd like to be able to use Yahoo!, as it has a number of features I can't find elsewhere, but I can't be locked out like this for much longer.

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Hi Quinn,

Would you be OK with trying the OpenDNS DNS Servers?

More information can be found here.


Quin Finnegan

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Thanks, Raymond;

Maybe. After I posted my first message here, I went back and gave it another try ... and was able to access my email. After taking care of some other things, I went back to open a specific email (rather than just teh Inbox), and was denied. Very odd.

Thanks for the OpenDNS link; it may come to that. I guess I'm reluctant to fiddle with my computer's settings very much when I suspect that the problem is with Yahoo. I'm off to the library right now, so I'll see if I can access my account on a public computer.