Yahoo email links entered only partially clickable


Hi Everyone,
I"ve been experiencing this problem when sending mail to yahoo groups from IE for some time now and it's giving me fits, as well as those who read my messages and can't click on links.
When I enter a link into a composed email, it will only show up partially clickable. Over half of the entered URL is just plain text.
Does anyone know why this is happening?
Thanks much,
Tina B.

EQ Admin

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Hi Tina,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

The links are only partially clickable because there are spaces in the address.

It is very hard to see the spaces in the yahoo mail reader.

If you copy and paste a broken link into notepad or Microsoft Word it's easier to see them.


I typed {space} above where the spaces are.

What is the source of the link? Are you copying and pasting it from some thing that has the spaces in it and it needs to be fixed? If you try to send the link again, and double check for spaces in the link before sending, I believe you'll be able to fix the problem. Please test this out and let us know if the problem has been resolved.

Thank you,