Yahoo e-mail problem


New Email
Dear Sirs,

1.) I have problem with my e-mail this week, when i am printing out the e-mails are coming in very small size font which unable to read. (i changed the font size, etc... as well as tried to findout if it is fm the printer...but it didn't work) the printout font size is normal from any other sites and other programs.

P.S.: i have downloaded the internet explorer 7 last week not sure if that's the problem, since the problem i am facing is only with Yahoo e-mail.

Kindly advise what to do or how to fix it.

2.) i have another problem with the microsoft outlook 7 in another computer, I cannot printout only the selection of the e-mails it will print out the whole e-mail, i m facing this only with the outlook, in other programs i am able to do so.

the Printer i have is Xerox phaser 3200 MFP.

thank you in advance for your quick respond & kind cooperation.