yahoo / at&t / bellsouth versus godaddy (too many recipients)


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GoDaddy is not delivering many e-mails from people with AT&T broadband domains. These include and The full text of the error message the sender may receive is "Message expired for domain Remote host said: 452 Too many recipients received this hour".

There has been an issue for a while regarding e-mail sent from Yahoo serviced AT&T accounts to GoDaddy hosted e-mail domains. Many people are not receiving e-mail in such cases. The sender may get the message "Too many recipients received this hour".

There is quite a bit of activity on GoDaddy support forums regarding this problem (see 452 Too many recipients received this hour at Community Library | Groups | Email | Forum). GoDaddy variously blames Yahoo and, on occasion, acknowledges some complicity in this situation. Regardless, it's worth knowing that if you have a GoDaddy e-mail account, you may not be getting all your e-mail.

Apparently, this problem has been going on for as long as 2 months and, as of today, it is still not resolved.