WLM 2012 all accounts deleted, all emails deleted


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Yesterday, when I opened Windows Live Mail 2012, all of my emails were deleted (contacts were not deleted). I did a restore in the "...\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail" folder and I see the right number of account folders, and I see my emails. However, when I load WLM, it still shows no accounts and no emails, and after about a minute or so, every .eml gets deleted in all of the folders. The actual folder structure is left intact, though.

I'm running Windows 7 ultimate, 32 bit (SP1)
and WLM Version 2012 (Build 16.4.3505.0912)


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Hi Andy,

Lets start with View -> Filter Messages -> Show All Messages

WLM Show All Mail.jpg

Are you able to see the missing emails after checking that setting?

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