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I've recently switched over to WLM9 (build 14.0.8089.726) and changed my messenger picture to an animated gif (which displays very effectively). However, whenever I tried to replace my messenger pic to any other animated gif, it gives me an error.

"The File you selected is not a valid image file. Please choose another file."

I think its a matter of image's resolution because the pic currently being used is of 140 x 165 (87.1 KB) while the one I wanted to put up is 304 x 224 (385 KB)

Tell me what matters the most?? resolution or the file size.


P.S: is there an IM section in this forum? Please let me know.

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Re: Windows Live Messenger 9 query

I imagine both the dimensions and file size would matter.

The information I can find says to not have them bigger than 48x48 or a file size of 200KB

There is not a dedicated IM forum here since we are about email discussions.

You found the correct spot to put other technical questions such as this IM question. :)