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I am a new user of WLM, and I find there is maybe something that I have not set properly.
When a message arrives and I have WLM open, a sound is played, and the email opens. But, this only happens if I have WLM open (reading new emails etc.). Is there a setting whereby the sound plays when I am doing something else on the Computer?


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Hi all,
Since I've received no replies to my query, I gather no one knows an answer.
I've worked out a solution which may help others.
Open WLM, do everything necessary as per usual, but now here is my method;
Don't Close WLM, only MINIMISE the programme to the Taskbar, ie keep the programme running in the background. In this way, alerts and emails will arrive as if the programme was open (which it is).
Hope this helps.


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Hi aidee,

Yes, that is an important note; WLM closed vs WLM minimized.

Thank you for posting the clarification that the original question was about getting new email alerts when WLM is not running.

Which email service you use?

They may have a notifier program that will alert you to new email when your Windows Live Mail program is not running.

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