where is my live.com messages in hotmail.com


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I have a new live.com account but want to use it through hotmail as well.

It doesn't download all the messages in the folders, so I cannot see all in my own special folders in hotmail

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Hotmail and Live are not different domains for the same email account. A username @ hotmail and a username @ live.com can be owned by different people. The MSN webmail interface does not support seeing two or more accounts from the same login. There are two solutions you can try and figure out what works best for you. The first is to use two different web browsers and for example you can login to Hotmail from IE and use Firefox to login to the live.com account. A second option is to use a mail program on your computer that connects to both email accounts. Here are the directions for configuring Outlook Express :


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I found the problem.

I used Hotmail as well as Live.

In Live I changed the folder where some messages should go but I didn't
update it in Hotmail.

Once I did it, it is working fine