where is favorite section?


New Email
After I receive an email that I want to save how can I take that email and put it into favorites? My friend said to save it there and I dont know where to find the favorite icon or button. I have an email thru Hotmail and am using a public computer at a library.

Big Dan

EQ Forum Moderator
Hello hooey,

Welcome to eQ! You cannot do what you want to do with saving an email to favorites for three reasons. You're on a shared computer in the library you would want people able to see your mail would you? Second it's likely that favorites are cleared on each computer between users and lastly with the way the new Hotmail works each email doesn't have it's own web address, so likely the favorite would only take you to a Hotmail error page.

Sorry we couldn't help you with that however you can always print out the email or make a folder in Hotmail and move the email to that folder so that you will have it for future reference.