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I saw a similar question, but the solution offered doesn't apply. I too have IE7 and Windows VistaSP1. While I'm composing whole gmail at mail.google.com/mail, my text goes poof. Most times it doesn't become saved as a draft. It just disappears leaving a new empty window for me
to start over. I've got other problems with gmail, one may be related to this. While composing
my curser freezes up and/or it just disappears. None of this happens while I compose with OpenOffice 2.4. There are no error codes.
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This happens to me sometimes while typing in forums. I'll accidentally hit insert+backspace (not sure of the exact combination) but I can usually fix it by going to Edit in the menu bar and selecting Undo. Some other times I'll have changed the page I'm on and going back or forward a page with the arrows in the web browser will get back what I had been typing too. Please try those out the next time it happens and let us know if wither suggestion worked.