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I had 2 email accounts with hotmail.com. One was phookalwm@live.com and the other (which I have always had) is pookalwm@hotmail.com. I recently went to Windows Live and now all I get is email for phookalwm. I have linled to pookalwm.com but I cannot get access to the account. pookalwm@hotmail.com is my major email and has been for years. I have a ton of historical emails in my pookalwm@hotmail Sent folder. I now have absolutely no access to it. How do I link to my older Hotmail account. I've tried all the procedures outlined in Help and my linled account never shows up. How come?

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Hi Lloyd,

What do you mean by you linked the accounts?

It is my understanding that accounts under the different Microsoft domains (Hotmail, live, etc) are separate accounts.

Bob@hotmail.com is different than Bob@live.com, and they can not be combined.