What is the path to outlook express?


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Did you lose your Outlook Express?

If you're running Windows, go to start -> run -> type msimn.exe

that should be sufficient to start outlook express ...

If not, the full path should be here:
"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe"

you can always just build a shortcut to it on your desktop or elsewhere.


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I used to have the actual path to the emails saved in various folders .... in an effort to take all of say, 2006 business emails from a certain customer, and back them to CD using either Nero or CDBurner.... Paged through countless paths and still couldn't find the path to the actual emails. Why does MS have to make everything SO friggin hard? There should be functionality on the program itself, that allows you to backup and then delete the hundreds of emails that you may want to keep, but don't really need ON your machine at the present time.Thanks in advance for your help