What is Mail Bagging? (Mail Forwarding, Mail Pickup, Mail Spooling, Backup MX)


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I ran into the term Mail Bagging today that I don't hear very often.

Depending who you ask it may mean one of a couple things.

Some ISP's use the term Mail Bagging to reference Mail Forwarding or Mail Pickup where the ISP mail server accepts the email, but then the customer server uses POP3 to pickup the email for their users or the ISP servers use forwards to pass the email to the customers mail server. The first thing that comes to mind is an old mail server called MDaemon that clients used and would be configured to collect email from ISP mail servers when it had an internet connection.

The alternate definition appears to be a synonym for Backup MX or Mail Spooling where the ISP mail server accepts email for a domain when the customer mail server is down, then automatically delivers the email when they detect the customer mail server is back online.