what happended to my old hotmail account


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I signed into my hotmail account today to discover it has changed to outlook. However it doesn't have any of the features of outlook as I know it. Basically it has an inbox, outbox and contacts, although not all of my emails, or contacts are there, and there is no way of doing anything else.

please help

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Hi cdaniel,

Yes, Hotmail accounts are being updated to Outlook.com accounts.

Outlook.com is not the same as the Microsoft Outlook mail program that comes with Microsoft Office.

Do you have any specific questions about how to use the the new Outlook?

We have an Outlook.com Help Forum with some tips and can help answer any additional questions.

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as described in previous email, when I go into my account now there is literally an in box, sent box and contacts. I saw a recent thread about how to switch to your old hotmail account, and I didn't even have the options that were given
i have problem in my Hotmail id i forget my password but my facebook is ok can u help me if i can see my mail or open my hotmail from face book account