What are the Wildblue incoming and outgoing mail servers?

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The Wildblue incoming and outgoing mail servers are:

WildBlue incoming mail server: mail.wildblue.net
WildBlue outgoing mail server: mail.wildblue.net


New Email
The current email servers for Wildblue, as of December 2013 are as follows

Username: Your complete email address, including the @wildblue.net
POP3 Settings: pop.gmail.com
SMTP Settings: smtp.gmail.com
Port Settings: SSL Checked (make sure it is turned on)
  • Outgoing mail (SMTP) port: 465
  • Incoming mail (POP3) port: 995
Complete step by step instructions can be found at: http://help.exede.net/articles/General/2037

Hope this helps! :)