Warning: bug in latest reformime breaks Qmail-Scanner

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The latest release of maildrop (which contains reformime) has some
localization changes that are incompatible with Qmail-Scanner and break
it. I've talked to the author and he's looking into it - but I've had
reports that the newest maildrop is now flowing out to Linux repos and
so systems set to autoupdate will find themselves with a broken
qmail-scanner if they're not careful.

The issue is that reformime doesn't support the "C" localization
settings: this is supposed to be the "default" setting on Unix systems
and should be universal - however reformime for now doesn't support it.
So I'm left in the position to having to alter Qmail-Scanner to work
around this issue.

Systems affected should be able to simply edit their
qmail-scanner-queue.pl file (around line 77) and replace the following
line with an English localization setting

ie replace:

$ENV{'LC_ALL'}= $ENV{'LANG'} = $ENV{'LANGUAGE'} = 'C';


$ENV{'LC_ALL'}= $ENV{'LANG'} = $ENV{'LANGUAGE'} = 'en_US';

Don't forget - it needs to be "en_US" for *all systems* - not just
English ones. Affected systems running under French, German, whatever,
also need that line set to "en_US" - don't set it to anything else.

Don't confuse that line with having anything to do with the
Qmail-Scanner language support. Internally, Qmail-Scanner runs all
invoked programs in English because there are lots of string matches
that occur to cover corner-cases in AV products, if you set that to
anything besides English, you will trigger AV errors.

Unless I hear that breaks anything, I'll release an official version at
the beginning of next week that sets localization to "en_US". As far as
I know, "C" == "en_US" on all systems, so there should be no unintended


Jason Haar