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Discussion in 'Help Desk' started by Lode, Jan 27, 2019.

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    I send an email misspelling the address of the main recipient and received the Undeliverable message, but I also utilized the Bcc option to send it simultaneously to someone else. So I was wondering if the Bcc recipient received it, even if the main recipient did not, and I was going to asks about that.

    But interrupting my above typing to look in my Send box -don't know if "box" is the right name, correct me please of it is not- but I don't see that email there which I send first with the misspelled main address and the (correct) Bcc address. So I suppose it was not delivered to either. Because after I send it again with the correctly spelled main address and Bcc address, it appears in my Send box.

    So do I understand it well that even though I send both emails, the first one was not delivered and therefore does not appear in my Send box, but the second one does because it was delivered?

    If so, that would mean that my Opera Mail considers mail I send but not delivered as not send. Which makes sense in a way. Otherwise it would also need a separate Undelivered box, which would be exaggerating things.

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