Unblock Your Account?


New Email
So recently my hotmail account has been blocked and I can't sign in or do anything (check emails etc). Every time I try to sign in it tell me:

Your account has been blocked

Why are you seeing this?
Someone may have used your account to send out a lot of junk messages (or something else that violates the Windows Live Terms of Service).
We're here to help you get your account back.

What do you need to do?
We'll walk you through a few steps to verify that you own the account, then have you change your password in case someone else has been accessing your account. It should only take a few minutes and then you'll be unblocked and on your way.

We've cleaned your account settings
Often customers get here because someone else has access to your account and are using it without your knowledge to send spam. To protect you and your contacts, we've removed any Hotmail auto-replies or linked accounts you may have had."

It then says to click "continue" and I do, then it brings me to this page that says:

"How do you want to receive your code?" and then shows a drop down bar to choose between my account and a linked account EXCEPT they only show me my account and NOT the linked account so I can't receive a code to unblock my account. I can't go into my settings either to add a phone number to receive anything because it doesn't allow me to go anywhere.