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My email address has been blocked, abcd01@hotmail.com, it gives me the option to send a reset code to my alternative email address which I provides when creating my email, however I now do not have the paasword to the alternative email. Can someone help me???? I have vital information in this email address. Thank u
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I finally had success.. What I did was when iwas onthe hotmail sign in page I clicked on forgot your password, it then gave me options to how I wanted to retrieve my password. I clicked customer service which was one of the options. This then provides u with a form to complete which can identify you as the account holder. Once I done this i submitted the form and because the information I had given was right I got a password reset link which I then reset my password.
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FYI I changed the email addresses above. Unless you guys want a ton of spam when you regain control of your email accounts. You should never post your email address online. :)

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