Taking Forever to Receive Messages


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It's taking forever to receive messages - I'm guessing the email that it's trying to receive first is large or has a large attachment (It says receiving message 1 of 6 - 7% of 4K - and it's been 30 minutes already). Is there any way to get it to get the other 5 messages first?


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It should not take that long to download an attachment unless you happen to be on a dial-up connection. More likely you have a problem with your inbox or you have an Outlook Express setting that needs a change. In Outlook Express you can try unchecking the option for Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus. To find this option to to the Tools menu and select Options, and then go to the Security tab.

Outlook Express - Tools Options.JPGOutlook Express - Dangerous Attachments.JPG

Do you have an alternate way to check the e-mail account? Is it possible to check it from a webmail web page or with another e-mail program such as Mozilla Thunderbird? This may allow you to fix the account directly by reading or deleting a problem messages, or getting around a problem with Outlook Express by downloading the problem e-mails with a different e-mail client.



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I don't have another way to access this email (the one I get my internet through) - I asked a seperate question about not being able to get onto the hotmail sign in page, since I was having trouble with that I decided to use this email and now I'm having trouble with this one too.:(