SpamAssassin user_prefs - redirect based on subject ??


New Email
Greetings -

Since my website host disabled BoxTrapper (and I do understand why),
I encounter a LOT more spam during the day. SpamAssassin, as currently
configured, doesn't help, even tho' this spam is readily identifiable.

I'd like to create one or more rules to delete (or at least redirect) email
if the Subject fields contain a known trigger word or phrase.

For example, I'd like to redirect any email with the word 'jewelry' in the Subject line
to (e.g.) spamCatcher AT myDomain DOT com.

I can't find any .cf files on my site via cPanel's File Manager --
all I seem to have access to is the .spamassassin/user_prefs file.

If anyone could
i) advise whether I can in fact perform the redirection/deletion with SpamAssassin
ii) provide a simple, clear, complete example (as opposed to just a snippet)

I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks kindly,

- Richard