Sort out old email back ups


New Email
Hi Everyone

I have a lot of old back ups from different email accounts on my hard drive and like to sort those out as they are taking a lot of space.
Is there a program which allows me to retrieve (import) all these back ups in one email account (expect total to be imported I guess approx 150-200gb :()
My idea is to sort them out (probably a lot of duplicates), reorganize and make a new back up, so that I can delete the other old back ups

Thanks George


IMAP Tools
Are the messages individual files in EML (RFC822) format? And does your mail server support IMAP?

If so you could use an IMAP tool to upload the messages to your mail server account. There are a number of them out there (do a Google search)...some are free, others have a nominal charge. One such tool is (

If the messages are stored in a mbox file (a commonly used format for messages) then you could upload them with an IMAP tool that understands the mbox format. For example:

150-200 GB? Does your mail server allow you that much storage in your account?