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Do you like to use smilies and other emoticons when sending e-mail?

Do you change your habits if you are sending a personal e-mail vs. an e-mail at work?



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I love smilies! I use them all the time. I do not use them at work. This forum needs more. :D


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fortunately most people already know I'm a big jerk, so no. I am able to use the same broken grammar and unprofessional nature both in work and personal emails.

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I'm probably the biggest abuser of smilies there ever was. It's rare that I send an email or forum post without adding one or two in for good measure. Mostly because I tend to joke a lot and want to make sure what I said is construed as a joke.


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^I had to add them in on a post that says I always use smilies I don't use any go figure! :D
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