Sign in directly to inbox?


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Hey guys,

I have two accounts which I rarely use and I just noticed something, when I sign in, I am taken to the main page where you see various things you can do with your account.

I then clicked on "inbox" and was taken to my "inbox". I want to be able to go directly to my inbox after signing in and I don't want to see that main page that I'm currently seeing after signing in.

So, in options, I found that under "Windows Live Home Settings", you could select the option to go directly to your inbox when you sign in, which I selected and clicked on "save". I rechecked and saw that it indeed was saved. I did this on both accounts and then tried signing in again to both accounts.

I am still being taken to the main account page and not my inbox on both accounts.

Anyone have any idea as to why I am not able to sign in directly to my inbox?