Serious Issues - Can't send/receive mail


New Email

Before I state the problem, please note that I'm not a newbie. While I'm not a geek, I've been using computers since 1984 & online since 1998. I've been using TB since 2004.

Ok, so here it goes.

I just got a new computer after my old desktop got fried by lightening. I was using my laptop in the meantime & the HD failed on that 3-4 days ago.

When the guy who set up the hardware & Win 7 helped me, he tried to take a stab at TB even though he's never used it.

I have both HDs attached to this computer so I can move files over.

What I needed was this:

1. Copy over the profile from the old desktop
2. Then add the mail for the 3 weeks from the laptop so it all gets merged together.

The problem was that he put the laptop profile on the new TB first. Then I think he tried to merge the 2 profiles together when I told him he made a mistake.

Now even though the settings are correct, I can't send/receive e-mail.

3. Not only that, but the sent folder in Local folders in TB is missing, plus ALL the folders I created are missing, but I can see them on the HD.

I don't know how to do the profile copy myself & I don't want to make a mistake.

4. The other issue is that when he first copied over the laptop profile, the mail DLed since I've been offline from 3 days ago. When I saw the path of where the mail was being stored was wrong, I changed it (I always create my own path in a folder called TB e-mails, then I create a new folder for EACH e-mail addy & I have TONS).

Once I changed the path, I lost all the new mail, but I don't think I was able to send/recieve e-mail before I changed that.

The error is an SMTP error.

I called my hosting company & he set up a dummy account in TB with my settings & it worked, so the issue is clearly on my end, plus I couldn't send/receive in my gmail account on TB either.

PLEASE HELP. I have already lost 4 days of work & I can't work without TB.

Thanks a ton