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Synacor is a dynamic, fun and exciting company. Jeans and t-shirts are typical office attire, even for the executives. Flexible work hours accommodate employees with special scheduling needs, early risers and those who need a little caffeinated kick-start each morning. Synacor's headquarters are located along Buffalo's waterfront and the Erie Basin Marina. Taking a few minutes to stretch your legs is as easy as walking the 1,000 feet or so to the water. Working from our beautiful lakefront gazebo, makes it easy to spend a little time outside while still being productive. We are looking for great people to join our team and be given the freedom to do the work they were hired to do.

We are seeking a Senior Systems Administrator who will work under limited supervision, administer all aspects of an advanced, distributed computer system supporting an important functional area of Synacor operations. Day-to-day tasks may involve any or all of the following: operating system administration, configuration of mail systems, system installation, SAN administration, fundamentals of security, installing third party software, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Plans and coordinates system utilization, and performs growth analysis and capacity planning
• Provides installation, support, and maintenance of servers and other computer systems
• Efficiently manage configuration of 200+ servers and services (web, e-mail, dns, etc)
• Implement/maintain monitoring and trending for all deployed servers and services
• Assists with planning for and responding to service outages and other problems (SLA’s)
• Able to take on a leadership role in managing systems-related projects
• Must be able quickly and correctly diagnose problems with computer systems and introduce the best way to fix the problem
• Proficient in scripting or light programming
• Provide leadership and mentoring to other System Administrators
• Support a 24x7 staffing model with on-call shifts that include weekends and Holidays
• Other duties as assigned

What you’ll need to bring to the table:
• Bachelor of Computer Science preferred, minimum two years of college or equivalent post-high school education or experience
• 5+ years System Administration experience in a large-scale Unix (Linux/Solaris/BSD) environment required; Package management; Automated installs
• Thorough understanding of e-mail protocols and architectures; SMTP (including AUTH, submission), POP, IMAP. (RFC 5322, 5321, 2822, 2821, etc.)
• Experience with large LDAP deployments (OpenLDAP, etc.)
• Experience managing LAMP web-farms serving 10+ million page views daily; Memcached; Load-balancing. Apache configuration and operation
• Experience setting up and regularly using monitoring and trending tools (Zenoss, Cacti, Nagios, Resmon); Monitoring, trending experience for various services
• Experience with revision control systems and usage for managing systems configuration; SVN, Puppet, etc.
• Experience with managing, operating, monitoring backup systems
• Experience with large e-mail systems (>1 million accounts); High performance MTA’s (Ecelerity, IronPort, StrongMail, Bizanga, Coldspark); Zimbra (or similar) experience preferred
• Experience in an Enterprise SAN environment recommended; Familiar with block level access using FC and iSCSI, Director class FC switches in an HA environment; Multi-pathing; Knowledge of Linux and driver interaction; NetApp experience and Multi-SAN environment preferred
• Familiarity with fundamental networking/distributed computing environment concepts; can configure NFS, key-based ssh; DNS; familiar with basic networking concepts: switching, routing (BGP,(R)STP, source routing), firewalls, load-balancing at various layers
• Has a solid understanding of a UNIX-based operating system; understands paging and swapping, inter-process communication, devices and what device drivers do, filesystem concepts (inode, clustering, logical partitions)
• Experience with Solaris, ZFS, DTrace considered a plus
• Independent problem-solving, troubleshooting skills, team player, excellent communication skills all required
• Generally knows several programming languages used for scripting or automation of routine tasks (bash, Perl, PHP)

What we’ll bring to the table:
• 100% Company paid benefits (health, dental, vision) for all employees and eligible dependents
• Competitive compensation
• 25 cent vending machines
• Free Spot coffee, popcorn and cappuccino
• Award winning company culture
• Casual dress and flexible environment
• Generous paid time off
• The opportunity to make a difference!

*Relocation to Buffalo, NY is required for this position – relocation assistance is available

To apply please visit our website; Synacor Careers