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After I post a question, where do I go to see if there is any answer?

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Make a note of what forum you're posting your question in and what the title of your post is. Then just browser for it starting at the forum page (linked to at the top of the page between "home" and "control panel").

Alternatively, after you post, you are taken to a page showing your question as it appears in the open thread. You can bookmark that page and just come back to it as you need to.

(Of course, my answer here assumes you'll find this thread after having posted your question.) ;)


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Hi Katine,

Some forums have a lot of "how-to" style posts pinned to the top of the forum, so sometimes some scrolling is required too.

The best ways to find your specific threads are to check your email for reply notifications that have links back to your threads, checking your forum control panel for activity within your subscribed threads (discussions/questions), and going to Quick Links -> Your Profile and then going to the statistics tab which has links to the threads and posts that you have participated in.

The unread posts, the home link, and the new posts links within the navigation across the top of the site are additional ways to help you find your discussions and other recent activity within the forums.

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