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Hi, I hope someone can help....

I recently installed a new Exchange 2007 server in our existing Exchange 2007 organisation to do some testing. Without thinking, I rebuilt it after my testing was done. I now have an entry in Exchange for this server (it was only doing client access role - this is on another server now) in Exchange. Anyone know how I can remove it? Obviously, the server in question is no more so I can't uninstall it properly.

Any suggestions appreciated!!

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Are you able to temporarily bring back that server, restore it, and uninstall it correctly?

I know it's a bit of a pain, but you can't (or at least Microsoft says so) manually remove Exchange 2007.

The supported way is to uninstall it properly. Since you can't because the server no longer exists then you can install a temporary server with same name and run setup /m:RecoverServer to recover the crashed server and once it is recovered then uninstall it properly.

If you try this and it fails horribly (it should work), then you can try to manually remove the exchange objects from the schema using adsiedit.msc . Be very careful if you ultimately decide to follow this path as you can completely mess up your AD and destroy your domain if you do it wrong. source

There is also this information from Microsoft but it sounds like the above is the better solution for you.

How to remove Exchange 2007 from a computer



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Thanks Raymond that worked a treat. Basically had to recover the entire server and uninstall it properly. Word of caution to all - REMOVE IT PROPERLY FIRST TIME ROUND! It is not easy to clean it up afterwards!!

Thanks again.