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Lately, when I open the login page and repeatedly as I login, the same video commercial pops up. After watching it one time, I find it objectionable to have to keep on <killing it> before I can access my email account. I understand the need for commercials but this one is overdoing it and I'll purposely reject these advertisements as spam.

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Hi Sparticus,

Which email service provider was this feedback intended for?

I don't believe it was meant directly for these forums, Email Questions, but I can understand your frustration if it was in regards to some of the new large advertisements on Yahoo service web pages.

:welcome: to Email Questions!


New Email
I am logging into mail.com using <removedforprivacy@tennesse.usa.com. I'm using Firefox. I logged into Mail.com using Internet Explorer and the add appeared once. So, I'm seeing the multiple videos only when I use Firefox. :-( The add is <Go & Fun> Green Energy Drink video.


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