Quick Tip: Back Up Your Cell Phone Pictures via Email

Big Dan

EQ Forum Moderator
This is a quick and easy tip to follow. Not many people think about all the data on their cellphones. With the proliferation of smart phones we have so much data locked into our phones contacts, text messages, pictures, and sometimes video. Higher end phones have sync programs to copy data to your computer but not all of us have the luxury of having a 'super-smart phone'. This tip covers those of us with phones that don't sync to our computer.

On your cell phone you probably already have a contact for your home number simply add your email address to the contact. When you take a picture that you want to keep just email it to yourself. Now it backed up and if you use webmail like say Gmail it's available from any where you are.

I've set up a filter in Gmail to automatically label and mark pictures from my cell phone as read and archive them so I don't see them as a new message.