Question about Outlook 2007 and Outlook Express 6 Comcast Email Accounts


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My old computer runs XP 2000 and has both Outlook 2003 and Outlook Express 6 BUT is set so emails (Comcast is ISP via a cable modem) go into Outlook Express 6.

My new computer (a HP notebook running Vista 2007 and with Outlook 2007 set-up to receive and send emails.

I need to know how to configure the new computer so emails will go into Outlook 2007. Now they go to old computer into Outlook Express.

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Re: Question about Outlook 2007 and Outlook Express 6


Here are the directions for setting up your Comcast email account in Outlook 2007 :

Warning : Do not remove your setup in the Outlook Express on the old computer until you are sure that you have any old emails that you want to save moved to the new computer!

Once you are sure you don't want the account in Outlook Express :

  1. Go to the Tools menu
  2. Select accounts
  3. Highlight the comcast account
  4. Click remove