Qmail - Vpomail and Courier-Imap


qmail mailing list
i know that's it's not the mailing list of vpopmail and courier-imap,
but i thinks
that a lot of your server have a imapd daemon.

I see that the latest courier-authlib don't support vpopmail ...

if you can say me what do you use on your qmail/vpomail server for a
imapd access ;=)
cyrus ? other ?


qmail mailing list
The authvchkpw module is no longer part of courier-imap /
courier-authlib package. I have rewritten the authvchpw modue and it
is already part of vpopmail release 5.4.27 onwards. You can use it
after usual ./configure and make. copy the authvchkpw module to the
courier-imap's authlib directory and it should work.

The authvchkpw is a bit like checkpassword. i.e. it expects input on
file descriptor 3. The fields are separated by newline. The 5 lines

* imap\n
* login\n
* username\n
* password\n
* newpassword\n