.qmail files with a dot in the username do not work

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Are you having a problem with the .qmail file for a username with a dot in it?

For example, a .qmail-bob.jones, for the user bob.jones@your-domain.com.

The problem is that you need to use a : in the .qmail filename.

The correct name for the .qmail file in the file system is .qmail-bob:jones


New Email
Hi Raymond,

How do you generate .qmail file, or "you create it by yourself?"
If .qmail file doesn't not exist, then qmail-send will use it default to deliver the email.
what is default protocol?
If I want to use procmail and not dot-forward, what do I do?



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Hi Alan.

It depends on how you are managing your qmail system.

Technically the .qmail-default file would be processed next if the .qmail for a user does not exist.

You can create the files manually on small systems, on larger systems some application for managing virtual domains are VMailMgr, vpopmail, and Qmail-LDAP.

And then, from http://cr.yp.to/qmail/faq/incominguser.html :

How do I use procmail with qmail?

Users can run
| preline procmail
from ~/.qmail. They will need to use a full path for procmail unless procmail is in the system's startup PATH. If you are moving from sendmail, and users have procmail in their .forward files: procmail will continue to work from .forward files if you have installed dot-forward. If you are moving from sendmail, and sendmail was using procmail instead of binmail: Copy /var/qmail/boot/proc or /var/qmail/boot/proc+df to /var/qmail/rc.
Please let us know if you have any other questions! :welcome: