Postfix 2.7.0 stable release available

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Postfix stable release 2.7.0 is available. For the past several
releases, the focus has moved towards improving the code and
documentation, and updating the system for changing environments.

- Improved before-queue content filter performance. With
"smtpd_proxy_options = speed_adjust", the Postfix SMTP server
receives the entire message before it connects to a before-queue
content filter. Typically, this allows Postfix to handle the same
mail load with fewer content filter processes.

- Improved address verification performance. The verify database
is now persistent by default, and it is automatically cleaned
periodically, Under overload conditions, the Postfix SMTP server
no longer waits up to 6 seconds for an address probe to complete.

- Support for reputation management based on the local SMTP client
IP address. This is typically implemented with "FILTER transportname:"
actions in access maps or header/body checks, and mail delivery
transports in with unique smtp_bind_address values.

- The postscreen daemon (a zombie-blocker in front of Postfix) is
still too rough for a stable release, and will be made "mature"
in the Postfix 2.8 development cycle (however you can use Postfix
2.7 with the Postfix 2.8 postscreen and dnsblog executables and configuration; this code has already proven itself).

No functionality has been removed, but it is a good idea to review
the RELEASE_NOTES file for the usual minor incompatibilities or

You can find Postfix version 2.7.0 at the mirrors listed at
The Postfix Home Page

The same code is also available as Postfix snapshot 2.8-20100213.
Updated versions of Postfix version 2.6, 2.5 and perhaps earlier
will be released with the same fixes that were already included
with Postfix versions 2.7 and 2.8.