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I'm putting this up with the hope someone out there doing a Google search will find this discussion.

I support a Plesk 9 server that recently had several PSA packages go missing.

For example /etc/init.d/psa no longer exists on the server.

The server still works, but the control panel is broken.

Several other people seem to have this issue.

The Plesk support forum generally does not respond to questions about this problem.

The one time they answered it was a solution that failed to run and did not fix the problem :

/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/autoinstaller --select-release-current --upgrade-installed-components

I tried to reinstall plesk but it won't install since yum is stuck thinking that psa-proftpd is still installed when it has been removed with yum several times.

Some people report they created the problem by removing a package that belonged to Plesk for example php-cli.

I found the Plesk RPM's here - Index of /PSA_9.5.3/dist-rpm-FedoraCore-8-x86_64/base

I'm working on installing some of those to try and fix the problem and get the control panel working again.

Has anyone else been able to resolve this issue without being forced into paying Plesk for support?

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I believe the source of the problem was me needing to rip out the Plesk proftpd and replace it with the current version after the security release came out earlier this month. I installed it into the same location that the server expected it previously. I figured that yum would overwrite my work the next time a packaged upgrade was available. By recreating part of the original proftpd install I was able to get it to yum erase from the server and seem to be OK from this point going forward.