Own Mailbox - The confidential encrypted email appliance


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Own-Mailbox is a mail server contained within an ethernet connected appliance.

A few questions come to mind, in no particular order:
  • Why would someone want to carry around another gadget?
  • How do owners verify the appliance is secure?
  • How can it keep running forever with only the up front purchase cost?
    • How many years of updates?
    • What about urgent security releases? (I have openssl & service updates in mind)
  • Does it transmit email directly?
  • Does it require a service provider such as Gmail to relay emails to those not using Own-Mailbox?
  • Does it support users who register their own domain name?
  • How does it receive email? Many service providers block inbound port 25.
  • What happens if you lose it?
An article that drives why the own-mailbox was created is here - Asking Obama to protect encryption, and why that's not enough

If I leave my own-mailbox at home can I access it? Do I need to configure my home router to allow access and forward port 443?

Where are the brains of the own-mailbox service? What happens if that gets compromised?

Are you / will you be accepting beta testers before the public release of the product in 2016?
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I received the following responses, made a correction above, and here's the rest:

I have to precise that Own-Mailbox, is not a usb-plugged device, but an ethernet-plugged device, and you don't have to carry it around with you, but leave it at home.

For the beta the answer is yes, we will announce it with the Kickstarter Campain.

Note that users won't have any trouble with port forwarding, or anything to on on their own. and we will guarantee that in any situation, you will be able to access a confidential mailbox from anywhere in the world.

Own-Mailbox, is not a service but a device. The brain is in your own-mailbox, at your home.


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Love this type of product! Goes back to my the intention of the Internet: decentralized, hosted services, globally accessible.