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How do I setup Ypops? Some say it's obvious, but not to me. I tried using in outgoing and incoming servers in Outlook 2000, but I get an error when I try to send and receive mail. The message reads:

Unable to logon to server using Distributed Password Authentication. Server Response: '-ERR Unknown AUTHORIZATION state command'. (account:'', pop3 Server: ''

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Turn off DPA. That should not be enabled.

After installing YPOPS reboot your computer.

You'll also need to double check your anti-virus and firewall programs to make sure they are allowing YPOPS and the mail connections to access the internet.

It looks like you already found it but for anyone else landing here with YPOPS troubles here is out discussion about issues related to YPOPS :


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These appear to be the directions that you need : (source)

  • Open Outlook Express
  • Go to Tools menu
  • Click Accounts
  • Select any mail account using Log On option
  • Select the Clear Text option
You'll need to modify that a little for Microsoft Outlook but making sure you are doing the clear text login appear to be the solution.