Odd thing happened in Hotmail


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When I logged in to my hotmail (live mail) tonight I noticed a window had popped up stating that I should refresh my browser after logging in from another computer for security reasons. I clicked on my mail - nothing happened. I clicked on some of the folders and could not open them. Finally,
I clicked on my Profile and then on Mail and I could open them. Nothing else
seemed out of the ordinary. I have had this email address for several years
and have never had a problem like this. Also, I had not accessed it from
another computer. It was fine last night which was the last time I was in it.

So my question is: Did someone get into it from another computer and if they did how would I know?? I do have a firewall activated.

Thank you.:)


New Email
Thanks Raymond:

I have done as you suggested by changing my password and secret
question...will see what happens now.

Thanks again,
ladybug - :thanks: