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I have a domain and hosting account with Go Daddy. My e-mail has worked through them with no problems except for one client, who is using Any messages I send to the client are not delivered. There is no bounce, and the client says that there is no message in their spam folder. My ISP (Go Daddy) has reviewed all of my settings, and everything seems to be OK (and, like I said, e-mail works to all other addresses).

Any idea what's happening to my e-mail messages to this client? How can I remedy this? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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What kind of hosting and server do you have with Godaddy? Is it a virtual / shared / dedicated where you can login and look at your outgoing mail logs? Or are you using the Godaddy smtp servers to send your email? Who is your ISP? If you send an email using your ISP's outgoing smtp servers instead of Godaddy does the email get through? Also, if you send a test email make sure it says more than "test" and looks like a regular email. Test emails have a way of getting blocked as spam when regular email would get through some spam filtering systems.

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Thanks for the response. I am actually using GoDaddy's smtp servers. The messages were not just test messages, but every "normal" message I sent to the client.

As it turns out, however, the problem has been resolved. It was at the client's end. Apparently, their mail system has a somewhat hidden option to remove spam "instantly" instead of placing it in a folder. Somehow one of my messages had been seen as spam, which marked all subsequent messages from my domain as such. The messages were being instantly deleted, so the client never saw them in their spam folder.

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Thanks for the help!