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Hi all
I've just started a new business and have signed up with BT as my ISP (not sure if it was such a good idea now).....
I wish to receive email sent to me from my domain ( through my BT account.
However when I reply to it, I want my reply address to be ''''
I've changed the reply address in Outlook express, but when I send the mail it appears to recipients as coming from
Is this something peculiar to BT or am I missing something?

Thanks in Advance

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The From: and Reply-To: are different settings.

Which email program are you using to send the emails?

Also, please keep in mind that some email providers will not let you send email unless it is From: a domain that they host.


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Under the general tab within the mail account settings of Outlook Express change the Email Address box to match the Reply-To address box underneath it.

Outlook Express From and Reply-To Settings.JPG