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Our company is looking to upgrade their e-mail server we are running Exchange 5.5. We need a program that will fit our needs better we do email for 350-500 domains with 2-170 users per domain. We need something that has a web email interface and of course pop3 and IMAP. There also has to be a way for us to have a global admin and a way for there to be a domain admin so our customers can add users and make changes without calling us all the time. But a way for use to if they need us to. We are looking for something that is supported and widely used. We are looking at SmarterMail right now Any suggestions or comments welcome. Thank you in advanced.


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This is a big decision that you are making!

What features would you like that you already have?

What features would you like that don't exist in Exchange 5.5?

Create both a Requirements List and a Wish List to help get started with that thinking.

Do you have any concerns about redundancy?

What is the average size of the email accounts?

What are you doing now for reputation and spam filtering at the network perimeter, mail server, and user level?

Does the upgrade need to be a Microsoft solution?

What else do you or your team have experience supporting?

Are you open to outsourcing any of the functionality if needed?

Do you have a budget?

Hopefully there are enough questions here to help you get started.

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