Need opinions on email programs


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I used to use Thunderbird when I was running XP but upon my switch to Vista I began using Windows mail. Frankly, I'm not very happy with it, I seem to esperience all kinds of glitches. I would like to migrate to something else but I'm just not sure which one. I'd appreciate some opinions.


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what features are you happy with, which features are you unhappy with? The growing trend (at an alarming rate) is to use webmail instead of a POP client. Personally, I use Outlook 2003 or 07 on all of my windows machines. I used to use Evolution on my Linux machines, but lately I've been a little lazy and merely use webmail. I did follow BigDan's excellent instructions a few weeks ago and setup all my various POP accounts within gmail. Humorously, i've since been unable to break my habit of going to those account's webmails and have yet to begin actually using the gmail webclient.

I like Outlook, I like the idea of POPing mail and being able to back it up locally. I like the idea of everytime I plug my phone into any of my various computers it synchronizes my address books. I suspect however I'm in the vast minority ...