My hotmail has been blocked!!!!


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I sent some e-mails to my friends, after that, my hotmail account has been blocked. How can I solve this problem? I can't send any e-mail any more, but I can receive e-mail. Please help me, it's very important. Who knows the e-mail address from hotmail customer service? Please tell me! Thank you very much!

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There is a Hotmail customer service phone number. It's possible we can help you figure out what has gone wrong with your Hotmail account. Are you not able to send email to anyone or is the problem with sending to just a few of your contacts? Do you get any error messages in your web browser when sending an email? Do you get any email bounce messages back to your inbox sometime after sending the emails? If the problem happens to be on your computer (it doesn't sound like it, but just in case) here are some troubleshooting steps from our Hotmail Help guide.