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Why did my e-mail forwarding from MSN Live Messenger quite
forwarding after 3 days .
It worked fine for 3 days and then quit.
It was forwarding all my mail to gmail and then just quit.

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Hi Jerry,

You can pop your msn email for free from your gmail account.

Try configuring Gmail to pop3 your email away from MSN and let us know if that is a more reliable solution for you.

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Hi : First I want thank you for your reply.
I have done everything that you suggested to make this work.
In the last 2 days I hired someone with 20 years computer
repair experience and they couldn,t fix the problem.
I called the Google site on the phone and the Google Forum
site and they were of no help at all.
For the first 3 days it works perfect then it quite and then
after that a few days later a couple messages came through.
Its a real problem.